Top 10 Uses for Promotional Products

We know that promotional products are popular with customers. After all, who doesn’t like handy gadgets, useful bags or even getting something for nothing? But we wondered, what do marketers actually use them for?

Of course, marketing and promotion is all about raising your company’s profile, increasing awareness among your customers and ultimately, getting more sales. So how do marketers use promotional products to achieve that goal? According to the PPAI, these are the 10 top answers…

Brand Recognition

It’s one of the simplest reasons, but that doesn’t make it any less important. Just getting people to know who you are is never easy. Especially in a world where people are bombarded with new information constantly. Getting you brand recognised, even in a relatively small niche, means you need your logo to be seen again and again.

Ideal products to use: Shopping bags are a great example. They get used multiple times, in public places, which helps your brand spread further and faster.

Brand/Product Awareness

What is it your company does? How can you make a difference to your customer? Awareness helps answer both of these questions. And once a potential customer knows your company can help solve their problems, your chances of getting a sale start to go up!

Ideal products to use: A USB stick with your product catalogue pre-loaded on it. All the information your customer could need in a handy portable format.

Corporate Identity

Getting a group of people to look like part of a team, and even getting that team to send out the same message about the company, takes work. That’s where a great corporate identity comes in. When your staff look, as if they are all on the same team, it shows attention to detail. And if you can get tiny details right, the big things are more likely to go right too!

Ideal products to use: Branded clothing is a great boost to any corporate identity.

Public relations & Goodwill

Giving customers a handy thingamajig is a surefire way to make them feel positive about your company. As always, the product should be useful, and great quality. It’s no good giving away something cheap that breaks easily. Positive feelings can quickly turn to negative when things don’t work as they are supposed to!

Ideal products to use: Tea and coffee mugs are a great choice. Everyone needs a refreshment break now and then, and is there a better positive association than that?

Customer Retention and Appreciation

We all appreciate our customers, but a lot of our interactions with them can feel a bit standard or just for politeness. A gift can change that impression and let your customer know that your appreciation is more than just standard words.

Ideal products to use: A bottle of wine can be a great gift, just make sure you put it in a great looking gift bag, with your logo on it of course!

Generate Sales & Referrals

Promotional products can have a surprisingly long life. That’s because useful products get passed on to others when the original owner has finished using it. Every new user is a potential new customer. After all, they now know your contact details and that you are generous enough to give useful things to your clients!

Ideal products to use: Post-it notes and other stationery have spaces for your contact details and are always useful.

Employee Communications & Recognition

Rewarding your staff for a job well done is important. Nothing keeps morale up and and results good as much as having staff that feel valued and appreciated. A high quality gift could be just the thing!

Ideal products to use: A favourite beverage in a high quality gift bag would make anyone feel appreciated.

New Product Information

Getting out news of your latest product isn’t always easy. Something eye-catching and memorable makes an impact and can help get your customers interested and enquiring. If you have to pass on a lot of technical detail too, it can be even more challenging. That’s where adding in a promotional item to you info pack can make the difference between another page of data and a something really catches attention.

Ideal products to use: How about a bespoke USB memory stick in the shape of your new product? You can even upload the technical info so it’s readily available.

Motivate Behaviours & Incentive Programs

Getting your customers to return over and over again with an incentive program is a tried and trusted technique. But to really be effective, the reward needs to be something that your customers actually want. Making it a high quality gift, with your corporate identity prominently displayed of course, makes that much more likely.

Ideal products to use: Electronic gadgets can be a great product for this purpose. Headphones, webcams, phone cases, there are lots of options that could be perfect.

New Customer Acquisition

Getting new customers is the ultimate aim of any marketing campaign. You know your products are great, but you need more people to see them so that they can make the obvious choice! But how do you get them to take notice? That’s where promotional products come in. Try giving a free gift with every purchase, or even just a free gift with your logo and contact details. Either one can generate a whole lot of leads!

Ideal products to use: There are lots of different approaches for customer acquisition, how about a free bag with product and contact details? Pens and stationery can be great too. You could even try more out-there items, like fridge magnets, branded earbuds or almost anything else you can think of!


There are many more uses for promotional products, probably even some that no-one else has thought of yet, and we can help with them all. Our expertise in product branding and finding the right promotional product means that all you need is an idea. Then we can help you to turn it into reality.

Take a look at the Partridge Peartree product range. Then get in touch with us for more information or to discuss your ideas further.

Custom Baubles – The perfect Christmas Gift

Are you searching for an original Christmas gift for your staff and clients, or maybe you are planning a special event or anniversary? Then our custom baubles are the special gift that you need.

Our Custom Baubles are available in both gloss and matt finish and come in a wide range of colours. We can print spot colour logos and also full colour digital print which is very impressive!

Another feature we offer is hand applied snow. This can be either white or any colour of glitter coloured snow you like. This is a ver special touch and can really set off your bauble and add a lot of perceived value. This also add extra time to your delivery date so lease bear this in mind when placing an order.

You’re baubles will come packaged in their own presentation boxes. Perfect for passing out as gifts but also added protection when in transit.

Our baubles are gaining popularity very quickly and we have seen that the number of enquiries are already beginning to flood in. We can only imagine that as time nears towards Christmas that we will be very busy processing and producing orders. We have seen the number of enquiries increase each year since the launch of our bauble website in 2016.

We would advise that anyone enquiring about our baubles to order early as this will ensure that you have your gifts ready and well in time for Christmas ready for distribution.

We would be more than happy to hear from you and provide a very competitive quote for your Custom Baubles. Contact us today and speak to Carl our MD, he will be more than happy take your call and our talented in-house Design Dept can also create a visual for your consideration.

We look forward to hearing from you in the near future!


New Commemorative Coins for The Hull Trinity House

Check out these great new coin cards for Hull Trinity House we produced recently.
We are very pleased with how these turned out. They include a full colour display card, antique brass finished coin with a very detailed enamel filled crest. The quality of the finished product is amazing and we are sure the client will be very happy with their coins when they celebrate their 650th Anniversary next year.
If you have a special occasion coming up then get in touch and find out how we can produce a commemorative coin and display card for you.

Amazing embroidered BBC Advert for World Cup 2018

In this weeks blog post we want to focus on the new advert for the World Cup from the BBC.  The advert was created by Edward Usher and Xander Hart from the BBC Creative team. They created a tapestry which included many of the famous moments from World Cup history from Bobby Moore in 1966, Maradona, Zidane’s header and many more.

To accompany the tapestry they made a film. This was also embroidered. They went about this by first animating the advert on computer software. Then they created an embroidery file for each individual frame of the animation the photographed each embroidery to create the animation which looks amazing. I think it probably the most creative advert for a World Cup I have ever seen.

Not only is the animation and quality high standard but the colours used and the music is fantastic. A real gem of an advert that really works well.

It also highlights the original use of a standard process such as embroidery and how it can be brought into the  21st century with a refreshing take.

Pantone Colour of the Year 2018

For those of you who have never heard of Pantone, here is a quick rundown. Pantone are the industry standard of colour. That means that any colour of product, clothing, car, toy, brand logo, basically anything which is coloured which is everything has a Pantone reference to match it. This means that the colour can stay consistent across a wide range of applications.

Every year Pantone release the Colour of the Year. For 2018 that colour is PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet.

A rich blue purple hue. Pantone have selected this down to is imaginative colour and the intrigue it inspires of what lies ahead. Based on the limitless night sky, suggesting what is possible and the desire to pursue a another world beyond our own.

Purples have long been symbols of artistic brilliance and pushing the conventional. Musical icons such as Prince, David Bowie and Jimi Hendrix forced shades of Ultra Violet to the fore of western pop culture through expressing their individuality.

Through time there has been a mystical quality attached to Ultra Violet. The hue is associated with mindfulness practices which offer a relaxing and serene sanctuary from todays highly stimulating world. Purple tones used in meditation spaces and other areas energises the people that gather there and inspire them.

As the world becomes more fascinated with colour and and its ability to convey deep messages, designers and brands are beginning to feel that they can use colour to inspire and influence. The colour of the year is a snapshot of the world and where the trend of design is heading and leads direction for designers and brands.

So there you have it. The story behind the Pantone Colour of the Year. A much more complicated and thoughtful process that imagined. The next time you see a colour that strikes you as appealing there could be more interesting story behind it than just a colour that looks nice.

Get Festival Ready with the NEW Écologie range

écologie combines sustainability with fashion – without compromising on style. Using regenerated
cotton in its t-shirts and sweatshirts – this is upcycling, but not as you know it. Style and conscience.



EA001 & EA001F
Organic Cascades T-Shirt & Ladies Organic Cascades T-Shirt
100% Organic Cotton
10 Colours and totally re-brandable


Feel good festival merchandise.
Combining sustainability with fashion.


70% Regenerated Cotton / 30% Polyester
Feel good French Terry in six colours


52% Regenerated Cotton / 48% Polyester
Four marl colours for festival standout


60% Regenerated Cotton / 40% Polyester
For unique sweatshirt colours with angled cuff detail


70% Regenerated Cotton / 30% Polyester
For unique sweatshirt colours with angled cuff detail



Partridge Peartree Product of the Month – April 2018

Check out our product of the month!

A new, current and very relevant little product. A genuine must have.

We have chosen the RFID Anti Skimming Card Protector. This little product protects your contactless card when it is in your wallet or purse from being skimmed, keeping your personal card details safe and away from the hands of any thieves! It is a simple yet very effective little item.

With a great price point and great branding area it is the perfect giveaway to your clients. People use their cards 3-5 times daily and your brand will be seen every day on multiple occasions creating great brand awareness. It is something that lets your customers know you are thinking of them and their safety and they will be very appreciative of this gift. A perfect product for hotels, banks, restaurants, shopping centres, etc. Ideal for mail outs or as free giveaways.

We look forward to hearing from you and how we can help supply you with these great promotional products.

BICS Awards 2018 – Sponsored by Partridge Peartree

This year again, Partridge Peartree were proud to be the promotional merchandise & clothing partner for BICS – The Board of Irish Clubs & Societies.

BICS is a national organisation constituted in 1995, dedicated to providing a forum for the societies in Ireland’s Universities, Colleges and Institutes of Education. The Board is responsible for the promotion of interest in the activities of Irish college societies and of contact and co-operation between them.

Each year the BICS National Awards are an opportunity for students and their societies to showcase their numerous achievements from the previous year.

Higher education is more than exams, coursework and lectures, and students who are involved in running college societies know this.

The purpose of the National Awards is to recognise the huge effort made by the many individuals who run student societies across Ireland and are an opportunity to celebrate the importance and value that societies contribute to college life.

Thanks for stopping off with Joe at our exhibition in the Radisson Blu Hotel, Little Island Cork for an overview on what Partridge Peartree can supply to your SU, club or society.

It was great to see you all again you and congratulations to all those societies who won an award!

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Christmas Baubles – a great promotional gift

Have you ever thought about Christmas baubles as a gift for your customers?

Baubles are a great way of creating brand awareness. A fab gift for your clients and staff that will make them feel valued and thought of at Christmas time, which is a great way to make your brand stand out and make your customers more likely to but from you again.

Our baubles come in a variety of sizes, colours and finishes and can be printed with your logo in one colour or full colour!

Visit for more info!

Ballyliffin Coastal Challenge Medals

Ballyliffin Medal

We produced these products for a client who wanted something extra special for the athletes who would be competing in their annual race around Ballyliffin in County Donegal.

We went all out with designs ans this was the final design that was settled on. We think that with the shiny finish and the colours it is a real statement piece. Something that gives you incentive, which is exactly what the client wanted.

They announced the medal a few months before the race on social media to gain some interest in the race. The medal got an amazing response online ad really helped towards the competitors signing up to compete for their bling.