We employ many great and talented people and we’re incredibly proud of the amazing team we have at PPP Ltd. Within each department of our company, every member of the team is passionate about delivering excellent service and always striving to improve.

We can’t include every member of our team on this page, but here’s your chance to find out a little more about some of the Partridge team…

Meet the Partridge Team below...

Clare Higgins Director

With Partridge Peartree since… 1990

Favourite promotional product – Travel Mugs and Beard Snoods

Did you know… My hair isn’t really straight and I am an avid skier!

Marc Desmond Director

With Partridge Peartree since… 1988

Favourite promotional product – The Premier Workwear Range – everything matches!

Did you know… I golf in my spare time.

Kathryn McGilloway Sales Executive

With Partridge Peartree since… 1993

Favourite promotional product – The Pop Up Pen – it has such a big print area!

Did you know… I am an Identical Twin!

Ruth McNair Sales Executive

With Partridge Peartree since… 2006

Favourite promotional product – The Printed Nail File – I have one with me at all times!

Did you know… I did my work experience here when I was 16 – excluding University, I have worked here ever since!

Karen Killen Sales Executive

With Partridge Peartree since… 2014

Favourite promotional product – The AWDis Varsity Hoodie, I like a bit of stylish comfort.

Did you know… I lived in New York and worked in JFK Airport for a year when I was 20.

Amy Beggs Sales Executive

With Partridge Peartree since… 2016

Favourite promotional product – Cotton Shopper – Everybody should have one!

Did you know… I play Senior Ladies Hockey in my spare time.

Joe McGilloway Conference & Branded Merchandise

With Partridge Peartree since… 2005

Favourite promotional product –Medium Noir Notebook & Curvy Ballpen Combo – high value combo at a low cost – a conference must have!

Did you know… I collect, restore and drive old Vespa & Lambretta scooters and have a 56 year old Citroën 2CV called Jasmine! It’s a long story – best told over a glass of chilled Muscadet!

Eugene Gallagher Lead Designer

With Partridge Peartree since… 2006

Favourite promotional product – Bluetooth Speakers. A great product to play my music from my phone on the go.

Did you know… I ran the Walled City Half Marathon last year. I plan to train and run it again this year.

John McGlinchey Graphic Designer

With Partridge Peartree since… 2016

Favourite promotional product – Power banks, great as a backup charge for my phone and tablet when out and about.

Did you know… One of my first deep sea dives was when I was 12 on the wreck of the Stypie off the coast of Donegal.

Ellen Black Accounts Department

With Partridge Peartree since… 1998

Favourite promotional product – It has to be the Brite-Americano!

Did you know… I enjoy taking my dog for long walks on the beach.

Valerie McClintock Accounts Department

With Partridge Peartree since… 2000

Favourite promotional product – The Noir Edge Notebook – a stylish notebook with a colourful twist!

Did you know… In my spare time I enjoy playing the piano and singing in a choir.

Carl Desmond Managing Director

With Partridge Peartree since… 1988

Favourite promotional product – Anything bespoke. That’s what Partridge Peartree is all about.

Did you know… Only one of my eyes are lazered and I don’t need glasses to read or see far away…   result!

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